HCSW statement on banning of Huawei


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Hamilton, Ontario,

Friday, May 20, 2022

Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War Statement

on the banning of Huawei Canada from Canada’s 5G rollout

Trudeau shoots Canadians in the foot to benefit his US masters

In banning Huawei from any further participation in the deployment of Canada’s 5G network, the Trudeau government hurt Canadians and undermined global security. The move is a lose-lose situation for Canadians and for Huawei Canada: ordinary Canadians lost because Huawei telecommunications products are on the cutting edge of global communications technology and relatively cheaper than US and European versions. Huawei Canada lost most of its incentive for remaining in Canada, putting at risk some 1600 well-paying high tech jobs in this country.

But Trudeau had received his marching orders from his US masters several years ago. In a letter from Senators Rubio and Wagner, Co-chairs of the US Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence, on October 11, 2018, Trudeau was explicitly advised to ban Huawei in order to benefit US companies and for bogus “security concerns” about Huawei products. No one in the world has ever found backdoors in Huawei products because there aren’t any. However, US law routinely compels US tech companies to allow access to their products to US intelligence agencies.

Just six weeks later on December 1, 2018, Trudeau revealed what a vassal state Canada is when he arrested Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou at the request of then-US President Donald Trump who admitted, six days later, he intended to use Meng as “a bargaining chip” in his trade war on China. Trudeau’s obedience to his imperial master resulted in the worst deterioration in Canada-China relations in half a century. In the end, Trudeau had to repatriate Meng to China after the Two Michaels were arrested and convicted in China of violations of Chinese security laws.

The banning of Huawei is another step by Canada in developing hostility towards China. In our view, Canada has nothing to gain from following the USA into a cold war with China, which is our second largest trading partner. The Trudeau government’s banning of Huawei, its complacent attitude to the creation of the AUKUS military pact, its meddling in the internal affairs of China – in Hong Kong, the Taiwan Strait, and Xinjiang province – all benefit the US ruling class which makes trillions of dollars out of military escalation, fractures the world into antagonistic military blocs at a time when joint action is necessary to face health and environmental crises, and inevitably leads to war.

Canadians deserve better than the vassal-like Trudeau Liberals and the opposition parties in Parliament which uniformly approved of the banning of Huawei. We need a government that will take us off the US war wagon and try to de-escalate global tensions with an independent, non-NATO, foreign policy, one that seeks to restore good relations with the People Republic of China for the benefit of the Chinese and Canadian peoples.

For more information, please contact the Coalition at hcsw@cogeco.ca or phone Ken Stone at 905-383-7693.

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HCSW statement on banning of Huawei may 20 2022

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