White Helmets, Dirty Hands

September 12th, 2016
Featured Guest: VANESSA BEELEY, Researcher, writer.
Member of Syria Solidarity Movement.

Audio File: White Helmets, Dirty Hands

Description (17 minutes):
Vanessa Beeley details revealing facts about the celebrated “humanitarian” organization White Helmets, which provides Syrian photo-ops for the media that stoke the flames of military intervention.

The WH receive money from both the British and American governments while calling themselves “fiercely independent”; one of their spokesmen couldn’t enter the US because of terrorist ties and the group was organized by an ex-British officer working on contract. But the western media and the NDP federal caucus is smitten and wants to give them a Nobel Peace Prize!

The White Helmets are working with the worst terrorist elements and, as Vanessa Beeley explains, they need to be exposed, not lauded.

All the world's peoples have the right to pursue their own destiny.