Resources on latest U.S. missile strike on Syria


The United States has struck Syria with dozens of cruise missiles on the basis of an alleged use of chemical weapons.

As in the past, the U.S. has tried to justify an illegal and reckless attack on a foreign nation by referring to ‘human rights’ or ‘WMD’ justifications.

It is our responsibility as citizens to be aware of what governments are doing in our name. Deception is practiced on a mass scale in Canada and the U.S., as part of the endless and ever-changing “War on Terror,” which has become a state of permanent war.

Below are some current resources pertaining to the recent military actions by the United States. It is contingent on citizens to build a mass anti-war movement in order to prevent the further move towards superpower confrontation, and the situation of instability at the international level that is engendered by repeated U.S. invasions and missile strikes against sovereign countries.




  1. Beeley on U.S. exploitation of alleged “chemical” incident

An interview with investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley, the week of the U.S. cruise missile strike. She discusses how the U.S. exploitation of an alleged chemical attack in Douma is moving the US and Russia closer to armed conflict on Syrian soil.

2. Strikes In Syria – The Hard Facts (with Max Blumenthal)

Lee Camp’s exclusive interview with Max Blumenthal of Trump’s just-announced bombing of Syria.


3. Syria Must Be Defended, War Must be Opposed, Imperialism Must be Vanquished 

Danny Haiphong writes on the latest escalation, highlighting how the wounded U.S. empire threatens to drag us into a larger conflict. He also points out the failure of “left” organizations and outlets to present an alternative to the war agenda and propaganda.

4. The Russian position on the unlawful strikes on Syria.

It is unlikely that your corporate media sources have made this available.

5. The Hour is Late —Speak Out, Stand Tall Ex-Officials

By Ralph Nader

The Hour is Late —Speak Out, Stand Tall Ex-Officials

6. ‘Attack on Syria would be attack on entire UN system’ – Bolivia’s UN envoy


7. Congress Needs to Cancel Trump’s Blank Check for War

Barbara Lee is still right: The president has no authority to strike Syria without congressional authorization.

8. Trump’s Attack on Syria Violates International Law

U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened a military strike on the Syrian government after Salafi-jihadist rebels alleged a chemical attack in Douma, but human rights expert Alfred de Zayas says this would be illegal under international law

Alfred de Zayas is the UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order. He is also a professor of international law at the Geneva School of Diplomacy, and has taught at numerous universities in the U.S., Canada and Switzerland. De Zayas is a retired senior lawyer with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as a retired chief of the petitions department at OHCHR. He is the author of 9 books.


Video and Transcript:


9. If We’re on the Brink of War, the Fault Is Ours, Not Trump’s or Bolton’s

By Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

13 April 18

They have an excuse – they’re stupid and crazy. What’s ours?

10. Cuba strongly condemns aggression against Syria.

The Declaration of the revolutionary government on the attacks of the United States and its allies against Syria is below:

“The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba expresses its strongest condemnation of the new attack perpetrated by the United States and some of its allies on the night of April 13 against military and civilian facilities in the Syrian Arab Republic, using as a pretext the alleged use by the Syrian Government of chemical weapons against civilians.

This unilateral action, outside the Security Council of the United Nations, constitutes a flagrant violation of the principles of International Law and the Charter of that organization and constitutes an outrage against a sovereign State, which exacerbates the conflict in the country and in the region.

The United States has attacked Syria without having demonstrated the use of chemical weapons by the government of that country and despite the fact that the Technical Secretariat of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has reported that it will deploy shortly a team from the Fact-Finding Mission to immediately inspect the town of Duma, as requested by Syria and Russia.

Cuba, original signatory and State party to the Convention on Chemical Weapons, firmly rejects the use of these weapons and others of mass destruction, by any actor and in any circumstance.

The Revolutionary Government expresses its solidarity with the Syrian people and government for the loss of life and material damage as a result of this atrocious attack.”

-Havana April 13, 2018 via Isaac Saney

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