Ajamu Baraka interviewed on CIUT radio

Ajamu Baraka is speaking in Hamilton on Remembrance Day. Details HERE.

He was recently interviewed on the Taylor Report, and you can listen to the interview below:

Ajamu Baraka: Canadians should join resistance to the new colonialism

November 4th, 2019

Featured Guest: AJAMU BARAKA, Vice-Presidential Candidate for the Green Party


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At a time when U.S. interventionism rampages in more countries than one can count, people who think of themselves as ‘liberals,’ ‘progressives,’ and ‘anti-war’ are standing around with their hands in their pockets. (or even aligning themselves with the U.S. state.)

It is in this atmosphere that journalist Max Blumenthal was snatched by militarized police for his earlier action in defending the Venezuelan embassy. Ajamu Baraka will be speaking on all these issues: how “humanitarian intervention” and the “responsibility to protect” are part of a neo-colonial U.S. drive to dominate the Global South. From the colonial era to the present, Euro-Americans have employed violence to reorder the world. And when the colonial state becomes stronger abroad, it has more forces to deploy at home. Baraka explains the need for Canadians to join the growing resistance.

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Interview with Ajamu Baraka

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