Radio: Italian media suppressed Assad interview

Regime-change media can’t handle the truth about Syria

Major Western news outlet suppresses its own interview with President Assad


December 9th, 2019
Featured Guest: STEVEN SAHIOUNIE, Syrian-American journalist, and chief editor of


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Phil Taylor and Steven Sahiounie discuss a recent interview between an Italian news agency, and Syrian President Assad. The Italian agency delayed airing the interview until it was finally axed. And it was fully obvious why.

President Assad said, in the banned interview, that the European Union had been behind the proxy war on Syria from the beginning, and were therefore responsible for the wave of refugees that have swept over Europe. Sharmine Narwani reports that Twitter took down President Assad’s account. Phil says that Western states, who describe Assad as a “brutal dictator” show their own lack of democracy by trying to suppress the interview. Sahiounie replies that the war on Syria is not just a military struggle – it’s also a media war.

Phil also asks Sahiounie about Uighurs (“East Turkistan” separatists) in Syria. Sahiounie confirms that some 15-20,000 Uighur fighters have been brought to Syria as proxies for Turkey in the attempted regime change operation in Syria. Phil points out that there is an organization recognized by the UN as terrorist that is waging an insurgency in Western China. Sahiounie says that the Uighurs in Syria are part of the same group.

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