Join our meeting in 3 easy steps!

You want to join our panel on Coronavirus and Imperalism, but you don’t know how?

Join in with 3 Easy Steps:


1. Get Zoom

Go to the Download Centre and get Zoom for your PC or phone


2. Create a Zoom account

You can do it from the website:

Or within the app! It’s free, and it’s all you need!


3. Join the Zoom meeting on Thursday, March 26th at 7:00 p.m.

This is the link:

You can also load up the Zoom app, and enter the meeting number:

Meeting ID: 602 829 1207

Need further info?

When you join the meeting using the Zoom app:

Follow the prompts, allowing your device to

-join the meeting

-use your computer (or other) audio

You should be set!

Note that a Zoom app / account isn’t necessarily required, and you might be able to join the meeting from the web-link.

However, a Zoom app and account will give the best experience, allowing you to participate during question period.

Also, you can dial-in, using a phone to hear the panel. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page, here:

Login details for Coronavirus / Imperialism Panel

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