[RADIO] Canada is at a Fork-in-the-Road.

Commentary: Canada is at a Fork-in-the-Road.

Continue on the path of solidarity, or follow America’s road to division and destruction?

May 4th, 2020

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The actual, living international community, consisting of rich, poor, and sanctioned countries alike, is co-operating to address the COVID-19 virus.

Sanctioned and surrounded Cuba has extended its hand to every country willing to accept its help. Iran has done a better job in combating the virus than has the U.S/U.K. Venezuela has followed the guidelines on combating the Coronavirus, and has given aid to Antigua-Barbuda (after the U.S. confiscated its ventilators.)

We have an international body called the World Health Organization. According to the Lancet’s Dr. Richard Horton, the WHO is extremely important to all of humanity. Yet Mr. Big Spender Donald Trump wants to pull his money out, which Horton says is a ‘crime against humanity.’ And the major Canadian political parties want to follow the U.S. in deflecting blame, sanctioning countries, and creating a more difficult environment for everyone.

Now, our Parliament wants to drag our WHO adviser, Dr. Alyward, in front of an inquisition to answer for his ‘crime:’ he said complementary words about China’s response to COVID-19. He failed to “denounce” China’s ‘cover-up.’ He’s not a political hack like the members of the Parliamentary committee. This committee is an embarrassment.

Five Eyes wants to create political and economic havoc at a time when the world is practicing international co-operation. The WHO has control over a narrative they wish to control. We have to stop carrying the ball for the U.S., and join the real world.

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