Protest against Palestine annexation on Sunday

The Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War endorses this protest. Bring a sign, a mask, a Palestinian flag, a kuffiyeh, some water, a parasol, a hat, a portable chair… If you can’t come, send a photo of yourself holding a placard to

Stop Israel’s illegal annexation of the West Bank!
Defend international law. Defend Palestinian human rights.

Sunday, at 3:00 p.m. EST
Hamilton City Hall
71 Main Street West

Please join this rally to oppose Israel’s annexation of the West Bank, with the full backing of the Trump administration. Any attempt at annexation would violate international law and numerous United Nations resolutions. It would also further entrench Israel’s illegal occupation and undermine any possibility for a peaceful resolution.

We are coming together to organize this rally in an effort to pressure the Canadian government to condemn Israel’s annexation of parts of the West Bank. We are calling for an end to the occupation as well as trying to pressure the Canadian government to take concrete actions—such as imposing sanctions against Israel, and suspending the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement.

We invite you to join us on Sunday. Here is how you can help:

– Share this call-out widely. Forward to family, friends, and organizations in your networks.
– Help out at the rally, here is the volunteer form:
– Bring your own Palestinian flags, keffiyehs, and homemade signs
– If you can’t join the rally in person, post a photo of yourself on social media holding a sign to support the rally. Use the hashtag #StopAnnexation.
– Reach out to your MP.

Please note: In light of COVID-19, we will be practicing physical distancing at the rally and there will be a limited number of masks available. We urge participants to come wearing masks.

Thank you to our endorsers:
Jewish Liberation Theology Institute
McMaster Indigenous Student Community Alliance – MISCA
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights – SPHR Queen’s
Palestine House – Toronto
Young Communist League – YCL – Ligue de la jeunesse communiste (Canada)
Palestine Solidarity Collective at York University
Independent Jewish Voices Hamilton
Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War
Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York University – SAIA York



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