[RADIO] The U.S. owes China and Russia an apology

The U.S. owes China and Russia an apology

March 22nd, 2021
Taylor Report Commentary

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The two Phils examine two parallel events of mid-March involving US foreign policy:

US political leaders Biden and Blinken managed to insult leaders of the two most powerful countries on Earth, namely Russia and China.

Last week, President Joe Biden called Russian President Putin “a killer,” and claimed he had “no soul.”

In response, Russia recalled its ambassador to the USA, while Putin termed Biden’s words “a projection” of Biden’s own characteristics.

Also last week, on the way to a summit meeting in Alaska with high officials of the Chinese government, US Secretary of State Blinken levelled sanctions against 21 Chinese government officials. At the summit itself, Blinken talked down arrogantly to the Chinese delegation, Blinken told them that China must accept a rules-based order defined by the U.S. and its allies.

For its part, the Chinese delegation refused to accept a subordinate position to the US and reiterated its view that the international order must be based on the UN Charter and international law. The two Phils agreed that apologies are in order from the Biden Administration to both Russia and China.

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