[Op-Ed] Anti-Chinese rhetoric breeds racism

We are pleased to present the following Op-Ed article from the Taylor Report.

Irresponsible extremist rhetoric against China gives rise to racist Anti-Asian vigilantism.


The US-UK, with their colonial/imperial DNA, lead the way in reckless comments on China. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as the lesser of the 5 Eyes, follow along. Running their mouths with words like “genocide”; “authoritarian,” in speaking of modern and rapidly developing China, has nasty consequences.

When big-shots scowl and talk about sanctioning, boycotting, and restraining China, you know that the most backward elements of society are going to act out to become “heroes” in a race war. Anyone who has read a history book knows it is true. Hearing their leaders (every political party in the Canadian Parliament) making wild unsubstantiated and paranoid claims about a great Asian nation, these “patriotic” elements will look for someone to harm. And because cowardice partners with lies, the proud whatevers will target the elderly and isolated.

Words have consequences. Wise leaders mind what they say. It is a bad sign when Biden and Boris sound off like professional wrestlers (who are after all, frauds). When Biden declares “Not on my watch” to China’s continued progress, he personifies the ultimate authoritarian and he fuels the fires of bigotry. When did it become noble to stifle the development of another country?  You’re telling us who you are, Joe.

“Not on my watch”?  Lincoln biographer and poet Carl Sandburg had an answer for that:

Primer Lessons

Look out how you use proud 
When you let proud words go, it is
not easy to call them back. 
They wear long boots, hard boots;
They walk off proud; they can't hear
you calling--
Look out how you use proud

All this talk of Anglo-American world leadership is dangerous bunk, spreading madness in the population. “Our values” annihilated the indigenous, enslaved Africans, and violently colonized much of the world. That real world is climbing out of the wreckage. It is time to pipe down, get out of the missionary business.


You do know what pride goes before, right?



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Irresponsible extremist rhetoric against China

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