[RADIO] NDP Favors NATO Adventurism

NDP Favors NATO Adventurism in Ukraine

April 26th, 2021

Featured Guest: YVES ENGLER, Canadian Author and Journalist


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Phil interviews Yves Engler about his latest article, entitled, “Does the NDP want a war with Russia?”

Yves describes the NDP as pro-military and pandering to the right-wing Ukrainian community in Canada. For these reasons, the NDP supports every Liberal budget proposal to spend $100s of billions on new fighter jets and warships.

The NDP supports Canadian military deployments to Latvia, Ukraine, and Romania, as well as Canadian naval deployments to the South China Sea, where it participates in ‘Freedom of Navigation’ exercises, despite the fact that the USA has never signed the relevant treaty.

According to Engler, despite the fact that it’s so dangerous to station NATO troops right on Russia’s borders, the NDP is always pushing the Liberal government to be even more aggressive.

There is a dichotomy between the NDP membership and the party hierarchy. In 1969, the membership passed a resolution at Convention to withdraw from NATO. Ed Broadbent, while leader, quietly removed the resolution from the resolutions book.

Currently, the party base prefers spending on social programs, infrastructure, and environmental protection. However, Randall Garrison, the party’s defence critic, and Deputy Foreign Affairs Critic Heather McPherson are more shrill supporters of the military spending than the government itself.

While the Trudeau government talks incessantly about a “rules-based international order,” it violates international law on a regular basis by leveling illegal unilateral sanctions on 19 countries and by meddling in the internal affairs of countries such as Venezuela and Syria.

All the while, the NDP demands even more resources for the Canadian military-security establishment. They do it because they want to avoid criticism from the mainstream media and certain ethnic groups for being off-message. The NDP’s militaristic message puts Canadians in danger of war with Russia and China.

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