[RADIO] The US War to Destroy Huawei

The US War to Destroy Huawei

July 12th, 2021


Featured Guest: STEPHEN GOWANS, Canadian political writer.


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Phil interviews Canadian political writer, Stephen Gowans, about the U.S. campaign to destroy China’s crown jewel of high-tech, Huawei.

In 2012, the U.S. declared Huawei as a “security threat.” In 2018, the U.S. also had Canada arrest Meng Wanzhou.

Today, the U.S. is “inducing” countries to buy non-Huawei telecom products. The reason for the U.S. campaign is to cripple Huawei, preventing the growth of a Chinese high-tech industry, and relegating China as a low-wage, low value-added manufacturing economy, forever.

The U.S. wants to guarantee high profits and monopolistic control of cutting-edge industries, such as high-tech, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Huawei is the world-leader in telecom. However, U.S. intelligence cannot mount cyber operations using Huawei equipment. Is there any truth to the allegation that Huawei builds back-doors into its telecom equipment? The NSA penetrated Huawei computers in 2011 to find out:

a) if the company is part of Chinese intelligence and,

b) is there a back-door in Huawei equipment that it could use.

The U.S. could not find anything.

It was John Bolton who initiated the attack on Huawei. The intention was to prevent any country from challenging the global supremacy of the United States. In other words, the U.S. intends to stifle the development of developing countries.

Gowans calls it “maintaining the great divergence,” in which the U.S. maintain global dominance, and other countries must play their subservient roles. Biden always condemns China for trying to dominate the “industries of tomorrow.” In Biden’s view, China threatens U.S. capitalism and its super-profits.

Huawei is not going away, but the U.S. is using “5-Eyes” to stymie Huawei’s share of the 5G market. Gowans provides several examples of this phenomenon:

a) Ethiopia – given a $500 million dollar loan to build a cellular network on the condition that it doesn’t include Huawei equipment.

b) Eastern Europe – allowed to use “U.S. Aid” to build non-Huawei equipment.

The U.S.A., ostensibly a champion of free competition, is using state measures to try to strangle and destroy Huawei.

Meng’s kidnapping was a political act by the Trump Administration to user her as a bargaining chip in his trade war on China. Her arrest is a reflection of the U.S. attempt to extend its extraterritoriality over Hong Kong, Iran, and Canada. There are dozens of cases of foreign countries prosecuted and fined by the United States for violating U.S. sanctions. But their executives don’t get kidnapped.

The CIA tried to recruit present and former employees of Huawei. Biden’s China initiative has attempted to find evidence on Chinese nationals in the United States. Those prosecuted in the U.S. were approached for recruitment by the CIA.

This interview is part of a recent series of July broadcasts from the Taylor Report. To see previous broadcasts, check back to the blog posts preceding this one.

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