[RADIO] The AUKUS Fracas

The following is a radio commentary from Toronto’s Taylor Report that broadcast on September 20th.

The AUKUS Fracas

September 20th, 2021

Taylor Report Commentary


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Something incestuous happened: 3 of the “5-Eyes” members met secretly and created their own AUKUS club. Biden is creating a crisis and danger with this new 3-Eyes game. And yet, the Globe and Mail’s main complaint is that Canada wasn’t invited.

All of the major Anglo party leaders have acted stupidly with regard to China, 5-Eyes, and now AUKUS. With “leaders” like this, we should be very afraid. The election went ahead without any debate over our relationship to provocative activities against China. Public opinion in French Canada, after the betrayal of France’s sub deal, might have had something to say. The inclusion of Quebec in Canada creates uncertainty for U.S. planners, which may be one reason Canada was kept out of the discussion.

Australia’s planned acquisition of nuclear submarines changes the game in the region, and Australia’s status as a non-nuclear player. It was left to New Zealand’s leader to be the voice of reason: no nuclear subs welcome. If AUKUS had been covered by our 24/7 news cycle in the days before the election, we would have had time to reflect on it. But they snuck it by us.



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