[RADIO] Resist U.S. hostage diplomacy

The need to resist U.S. hostage diplomacy

October 20th, 2021

Taylor Report Commentary


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Alex Saab, Venezuelan diplomat, was extradited last week from Cape Verde, Africa, to the USA. The Cape Verde government, like the Trudeau government of Canada, obeyed the dictate of the USA to kidnap someone, in the case of Meng Wanzhou.

These “long arm,” extraterritorial actions by the USA are illegal.

Saab was enroute to Iran to arrange food and fuel from the Islamic Republic, relief from the illegal, unilateral US sanctions on Venezuela.

He was arrested while his plane was refueling.

Taylor Report listeners are urged to take in the launch of the new book on Venezuela called “Extraordinary Threat,” by Justin Podur and Joe Emersberger.

Venezuela Book Launch
Preliminary information for “Extraordinary Threat”


Information Forthcoming about Venezuela Book Launch

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