[RADIO] Western grip on Africa is weakening

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Western grip on Africa is weakening, democracy will return to Rwanda

March 28th, 2022


Featured Guest: JOHN PHILPOT, Montreal lawyer, awarded the VICTOIRE UMUHOZA INGABIRE PRIZE FOR DEMOCRACY AND PEACE, who successfully defended accused at the ad hoc UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.


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On March 19 John Philpot, a Montreal lawyer who successfully defended an accused at the ad hoc UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, was awarded the Ingabire Umuhoza Prize for Democracy and Peace in Brussels. He spoke to the Taylor Report about the war and human tragedy that struck Rwanda not just in 1994 but in the years preceding when the RPF invaded from Uganda under a Ugandan general, Paul Kagame. Since the RPF seizure of power there has been no justice in the country, as witnessed by the long prison term served by the democracy advocate Victoire Ingabire. Philpot’s acceptance speech stressed that African countries are again speaking up and challenging the neo-colonial order that aided and abetted Paul Kagame.

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