[RADIO] Sanctions tour seeks to end U.S. grip over trade

Sara Flounders recently gave a detailed interview about the book tour for “Sanctions: A Wrecking Ball in the Global Economy.”

Taylor Report] Apr. 17

Sanctions tour seeks to end vice-like U.S. grip over trade

Flounders: We should help the world find its way out of U.S. hegemony


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Featured Guest: SARA FLOUNDERS, International Action Centre.


“It’s a new day, and it’s galloping at us so fast, it’s almost stunning” says Sara Flounders (editor) in describing how more countries are refusing to go along with illegal U.S. sanctions.

She is talking in reference to the Canadian book tour of the new, “Sanctions: A Wrecking Ball in the Global Economy.

It’s amazing how many organizations from different points of view are involved in this book, which is not surprising, given how damaging the genocidal U.S. sanctions are. Flounders recounts how the U.S. engages in the starvation and deprivation of medical necessities to developing countries, knowing full well that it is the poorest who are affected. This is the plan: Make the people scream so that they overthrow their government.

But peace is in danger of breaking out in the Middle-East, and the policy of divide-and-conquer is weakened. New forms of trade, currency, and exchange are opening up. This is exciting, but dangerous. All the U.S. has left to trade, it seems, are weapons.

Sanctions can still be used as a wrecking ball in the global economy (just look at what is happening in Europe), so tune in to your local event in the Canadian tour to find out more.

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Sanctions Kill – April 19



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