Censorship of Lascaris tour

Friends, we just learned that OPSEU leadership has cancelled the venue for this evening’s speech in Toronto by Dimitri Lascaris on the Ukraine war. 
A representative of OPSEU has advised us that this is not a political decision by OPSEU leadership. Rather, OPSEU’s leadership took this decision because, within the past day or so, OPSEU leaders and staff received dozens of emails expressing opposition to the holding of the event. Based on those emails, OPSEU leadership became concerned for the safety of participants and the property.
Although we understand the decision taken by OPSEU’s leadership, we find it highly regrettable that those who support the arming of Ukraine are resorting to pressure tactics such as these in order to silence the voices of peace. If supporters of Canadian government policy toward this devastating war truly believe that their position can be defended on the basis of evidence, reason and humanitarian principles, then they should engage in a constructive debate with their opponents. The fact that they resort to silencing us only confirms that they cannot win a debate on the merits.
Dimitri’s national speaking tour will continue. Those who wanted to attend the Toronto event can hear Dimitri’s presentation in an online webinar to be held on July 4, 2023, at the conclusion of the speaking tour.
We apologize for any inconvenience. The organizers of the tour thank you for your understanding and your commitment to peace.  

One thought on “Censorship of Lascaris tour”

  1. I have a strong feeling that if we could find out what it is that is motivating these people to sabotage events that would promote peace between Russia and Ukraine, we would have the tools to end the war. Who are these people? How might they be benefiting from an endless war in Ukraine?

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