[RADIO] Iran went by the book

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The following is a radio commentary from this week’s “Taylor Report” broadcast in Toronto. It concerns Iran’s retaliatory action following Israel’s attack on an Iranian embassy.

[Taylor Report] April 22nd, 2024.

Iran went by the book

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Iran went by the book: After the attack on their embassy in Damascus they took the matter to the UNSC where the US, France, and UK refused to condemn Israel’s violation of international law and the UN Charter. Therefore, Iran put Israel on notice for a retaliatory attack which was then carried out, in which military bases were struck.

Israel continued its rogue nation ways, in imitation of its master’s behavior. Claims were made that Israel staged a 3-drone attack in central Iran.

Note the difference: Israel itself has yet to declare it attacked Iran. Iran says they do not know whether Israel attacked or not. Israel cannot even own up to what it did or did not do. No wonder they live in America’s shadow, doing dirty deeds and regarded by the world’s majority as a criminal adjunct to the western colonial system.

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