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Canada out of Red Sea!

Canada out of [Red Sea] Operation Prosperity Guardian!

Join us on at noon on Saturday, January 20th, at the Federal Building, 55 Bay Street North, in Hamilton to demand that Canada withdraw from the US-led Operation Prosperity Guardian in the Red Sea!
According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canadian military personnel provided logistical planning for the US/UK bombing of Yemen on January 11th, 2024 . The attack was in response to the inspirational Houthi blockade of the Red Sea, which successfully prevented ships for several months from re-supplying Israel’s genocidal campaign against the people of Gaza.
This US/UK direct military intervention in Yemen may become the spark for a wider regional war which may set the whole of West Asia on fire.
Not one person has been killed during the Houthi blockade but 5 people were reported dead in Yemen as a result of US/UK/Canadian gunboat “diplomacy.” Another 11 Yemeni sailors were killed a few days earlier when the US attacked and sunk three Yemeni navy vessels.
US President Joe Biden did not consult Congress on his use of force in Yemen (in violation of Article 1 of the US Constitution), nor did Justin Trudeau consult Canadian MP’s (according to the NDP’s Heather McPherson). Presumably, Trudeau also did not consult the NDP, with whose votes Trudeau’s Liberals remain in power.
The Houthis had stated that their blockade would be removed when Israel agreed to a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. The USA is the chief instigator of Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza and could bring Israel to the table in a matter of days if it cut off billions of dollars in arms and funding for the apartheid Israeli regime.
As part of the The Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network, our Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War believes that now is the opportune time – not for unilateral US “shuttle diplomacy” and military interventions – but rather for the multilateral, UN-sponsored “Quartet” (USA, UN, EU, & Russia) to be empowered to facilitate the just, lasting, and comprehensive peace agreement for Israel/Palestine contained in decades of UN resolutions, and resulting in the creation of a Palestinian state.

We demand that the Trudeau government:
  1. withdraw from the US-led, naval Operation Prosperity Guardian in the Red Sea and seek an end to hostilities in West Asia;
  2. officially support the application of South Africa to the International Court of Justice to declare Israel’s slaughter of Gazans a genocide;
  3. recall the Canadian ambassador to Israel until such time that a permanent ceasefire is declared in Gaza;
  4. end the two-way trade in arms between Canada and Israel;
  5. end the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund in and other pro-Israeli organizations in Canada who send approximately $250 million in tax-free donations from Canada to Israel annually to support the Israeli Defence Forces, the establishment of Jewish-only settlements in the Occupied Territories, and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians;
  6. curtail recruitment for the Israeli Defence Forces in Canada;
  7. suspend the Canada-Israel free trade and security agreements;
  8. re-establish diplomatic relations with the Syrian and Iranian governments;
  9. lift Canada’s unilateral economic sanctions against Syria, Lebanon, and Iran;
  10. support the work of The Quartet (the USA, the EU, the UN, and Russia) in facilitating a just, lasting, and comprehensive peace agreement of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, based on decades of UN resolutions, and resulting the in the creation of a Palestinian state;
  11. develop an independent, non-NATO, non-aligned, foreign policy that seeks to establish friendly relations with all the countries of the world and thereby cooperate on responding to the existential environmental crisis facing all of humanity;
  12. work urgently for a permanent end to hostilities in Gaza, Israel/Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen before these conflicts escalate into into wider regional that would set all of West Asia on fire;
  13. beyond the December 12 UN resolution, the government of Canada should reinforce the demands of millions of people world-wide that Israel implement an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and provide relief for the people of Gaza.

Please join our rally at the Federal Building, 55 Bay Street North, Hamilton, at noon, on Saturday, January 20, 2024. Please dress warmly and bring a sign, if possible: “Canada Out of Operation Prosperity Guardian!” or “Ceasefire in Gaza” or “De-escalate! No Wider Mideast War!”
[In the event of inclement weather, the rally will be held at the same location, at noon on Sunday, January 21st]
Speakers (so far):
-Dr. Atif Kubursi, President, Canadian Arab Federation
-Kevin Mackay, VP OPSEU Local 240 representing Mohawk College Faculty
-Rabbi David Mivasair, Independent Jewish Voices Hamilton


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