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[RADIO] Washington’s Man Navalny; + Kagame Crimes

We are pleased to present this week’s Taylor Report interview with Robin Philpot, about international affairs.

Washington’s Man Navalny; + Kagame Crimes


February 8th, 2021

Featured Guest: ROBIN PHILPOT, Montreal-based publisher.


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Description (29 minutes):

Montreal-based publisher Robin Philpot joins the program to discuss two subjects:

-America’s new favourite freedom-fighter Navalny

-another journalist speaking out about Kagame’s crimes.

With regard to the latter, Philpot praises Nathalie Blaquiere for adding her voice to that of Judi Rever in demanding the truth be told in Canadian media.

Learn More about the Meng Wanzhou Event


See the link below in order to learn about the “Arrest of Meng Wanzhou” event mentioned in the broadcast:

EVENT: The Arrest of Meng and the New Cold War