Canadian Parliament Seizes Opportunity to Act Like a Bigoted Idiot

Canadian Parliament Seizes Opportunity to Act Like a Bigoted Idiot


A commentary by the Taylor Report


World alert! World alert! America’s subservient Canadian Parliament has declared China guilty of genocide. And they want action. Move the Winter Olympics to, uh, well, Canada! Why not profit a little bit while applying “our values”?

And the mighty Parliamentarians don’t need any “stinking badges”. America’s vassal Parliament has deputized itself. They have a sub-committee and that subcommittee has done all the homework. A load of anti-China witnesses has told them all that they need to know. Their research has uncovered information that the People’s Republic of China founded in 1949 under Mao Tse-tung is in fact a Communist government. Who knew? (and when did they know it?) The BBC recently made a similar discovery. The evidence mounts. Of course, information that the Uygur population of Xinjiang (the alleged victims of genocide) is growing and enjoying longer life was judiciously set aside, as it might distract attention from their “reams” of satellite photographs. Satellite photographs, with an expert explainer, cause reporters to swoon.

And so Parliament, without debate or opposition, sounds its barbaric yawp (see Whitman) against China, saying what the “whole world” knows. The whole world: That is Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Mike Pompeo and Nancy Pelosi ;  pretty much the whole world!  The whole “Five Eyes World” Canada belongs to. Canada, Australia, UK, US and New Zealand, which may be losing its zeal. The Anglo-American, English-speaking white Protestant states are the World, damn-it! And they think the world of each other. Proud boys on a state level, you might say. They exclusively share their intelligence and their stupidity. The sun still doesn’t set on this gang, but it may be going down.

And sceptics! You don’t want to listen to the wise old sort of monarchist Canadian Parliament? You don’t feel overwhelmed by the evidence of a witch trial presided over by Trump Tories and red-baiting social democrats?

Be honest. Could anyone else speak for the “World Community”? Could it be the UN Human Rights Council? The one that declared by majority vote that China was exemplary in its treatment of Uygurs and other ethnic groups in Xinjiang? The UN HR Counci which included 12 Muslim countries? Is it possible that Muslim countries know more about Muslims than a subcomittee of the lock-step voting parties of the Canadian Parliament? Well, maybe, but, hell, the Canadian media has joined forces and has agreed to go whole-hog 24/7 anti-China, the real world be damned.


Uncle America will love us for this.


However, if the real world international-community does hear of this mighty Parliament’s partisan bark, they will likely turn to one another and say: we were wise not to elect Canada to a UN Security council seat. They might also warn that such wild and false claims will put Asian Canadians at risk.



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