Videos of Fall/Winter Events 2019

Friends have requested that videos from our four main Fall / Winter events become available on the web.

Below are videos of our four speakers, in sequential order.

1. John Foster. “Oil and World Politics.” Sep 30.

John Foster Lecture

2. Stephen Gowans, “Israel: A Beachhead in the Middle East.” Oct 28.

Stephen Gowans Lecture

3. Ajamu Baraka, “A Global De-Colonial Imperative.” Nov 11.

Ajamu Baraka Lecture

4. Vanessa Beeley, “Canada’s dirty role in the war on Syria: the White Helmets and the regime change billionaires.” Dec 3.

Vanessa Beeley Lecture


Warning: Youtube assigned Vanessa Beeley’s lecture as “age-restricted.” Age verification may be required to view.


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