Hostage Diplomacy is an American game

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Hostage Diplomacy is an American game.


Taylor Report Commentary


The U.S. regularly practices “Hostage Diplomacy.” When Joe Biden says human beings are not “bargaining chips,” he is trying to divert attention from what all can see. He knows full-well President Donald Trump ordered Canada to arrest Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou as part of a strategy to get a trade deal benefitting America (and at the cost of Canadian business and trade prospects). Meng became a bargaining chip; it was raw Hostage Diplomacy!

Answering Trump’s wishes Canada revealed itself as a treacherous vassal by conniving in the arrest of Meng, who had broken no Canadian laws and whose company, Huawei, brought economic benefit to Canada. The U.S. side was quite aware that it was not only taking a hostage, but by making Trudeau’s government carry out the arrest, it destroyed Canada’s hopes for independent trade and relations with China. The beaver chewed off his own tail to please the eagle.

By contrast, the U.S. tried to play the hostage game and bully Mexico in October 2020. American authorities arrested Mexico’s former Defence Minister, General Cienfuegos Zepeda, at Los Angeles airport and labelled him a drug kingpin. This was in furtherance of American policy of playing “drug politics” to exercise hegemony over its Southern neighbor. Mexico was outraged and demanded the General’s return and after some baffle-gab from Attorney General Barr and President Trump, the General was returned to Mexico. The Mexican government later cleared Cienfuegos Zepeda of all charges. Mexico defended its national integrity – it is not an American vassal. Mexico also continues to do regular business with China.

Now comes the murky story of the 2 Michaels charged with espionage in China. On March 22 a group of European diplomats (very white, very European) violated regular protocols and stood outside a Beijing courthouse protesting the Chinese justice system. The Canadian representative stated proudly to the media that the Biden government would treat the 2 Michaels “as if they were Americans.” Something of a confession, if not a little arrogant.

“As if they were Americans:” How heartening is that? Consider how the Americans are presently treating the real Americans who were part of the May, 2020 coup attempt in Venezuela.

According to Venezuelan authorities the U.S. has made no attempt to contact or resolve what to do with these American military veterans and mercenaries. Being Americans who were caught, they have the privilege of being ignored by the high mucky-mucks of the American government. So maybe that special mantle, “like American citizens,” won’t count for much.


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