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The Canada Files launches fundraising campaign!

Hello folks,


A critical news outlet has just launched a fundraising campaign. That socialist, anti-imperialist news outlet is The Canada Files, founded in 2019. TCF provides critical investigations and hard-hitting analysis of Canadian foreign policy, and has stuck to its principles ever since its founding. 

Through original investigative journalism and hard-hitting analysis, The Canada Files has:

  • Exclusively revealed how a CIA-front, the National Endowment for Democracy, funds multiple Canadian groups, which have significantly influenced Canadian foreign policy decisions and jeopardize what is left of Canadian sovereignty
  • Shown prominent Canadian think-tank MacDonald-Laurier Institute to be a pay-for-demonization group which takes money from the Latvian government, US State Department and Taiwan island, to demonize Russia and China.
  • Exposed and opposed anti-China forces’ plotting to make the Canadian government pursue an even more hostile policy towards China.
  • Dug into Canada’s involvement in provoking Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine, how Canada shaped post-Maidan coup Ukraine and the ongoing NATO war against Russia

However, TCF needs to take a big step forward, and needs your help to do this. TCF has scraped by with around $700 CAD per month in support, and is aiming to reach $4000 CAD per month in support through this fundraising campaign.

Momentum is on TCF’s side though, as they’ve already gone from $691 CAD to $914 CAD per month in support since Tuesday morning! Meanwhile, TCF and CovertAction Magazine have just announced that they will be engaging in mutual cooperation, beginning with a major event on December 13.

With your support, TCF will

  • Release more original investigations.
  • Release more hard-hitting analysis.
  • Engage in more collaboration with our contemporaries.
  • Have more flexibility, that will help us move on massive stories in a flash.

To donate right now, check this link:

See TCF’s launch video for more information on the fundraising campaign:

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