Photos from “No Fighter Jets” Rally

Photos from the Nov. 22 Rally for “No Fighter Jets” are now available!


A total of 42 people, including a delegation of ten members of Local 1005, United Steelworkers Union, attended our “No new fighter jets” picket at the constituency office of MP Filomena Tassi, Minister of Procurements.

We had 6 speakers: Rabbi David Mivasair; Ruth Green of the White Poppy Campaign; Don McLean, a leading local environmentalist; Bill Mahoney, poet; Rolf Gerstenberger, former pres. Local 1005, USWA; and someone claiming to be “MP Filomena Tassi”, who was convinced by our arguments and ordered the big cheque for $363b. to be CANCELLED.
The Hamilton Spectator published an op-ed piece by HCSW Executive member, Mark Hagar, that morning calling on Tassi to cancel the procurements.


The photos can be viewed, below.








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