Reject NATO Parties

Foreign policy matters: Canada’s major parties are NATO zombies, itching for confrontation with China. Reject all of them.

A Taylor Report Commentary

Canada, like all countries, has a duty to keep the peace, to respect the sovereignty of others and to not meddle in the internal affairs of others. That is in the UN Charter.

None of the major political parties seeking election are following that course. All have voted in parliament to accuse China of genocide. Any rational person understands that such an accusation will become a pretext for sanctions, trade wars, and perhaps real war.

Yet, Canada’s leading parties take it upon themselves, as members of the old British empire and today followers of the U.S., to make such a wild and bigoted accusation.

No one who cares about maintaining peace and international stability should vote for such parties, the NDP, Liberals, Conservatives, the Bloc and the Greens. They compete with each other in slandering China. Nor does it interest them that the great majority of other nations are happy to have good relations with China and do not make bigoted comments about its internal affairs, especially in the absence of anything resembling evidence or proper inquiry. Canada is aping its betters, the U.S. and U.K.

None of these parties ask why Canada is a vassal of the U.S. It is forbidden. Why should Canada arrest a Chinese business woman to please Donald Trump (and now Joe Biden)? Canada’s well-being is put at risk by its subservience to Washington. Will there be new military adventures, expeditionary wars in the old imperial parlance? More imperial violence such as that directed at Libya and Afghanistan? Washington will decide and tell us! NATO will assign Canada its role. Havoc will rack other countries, Canadian lives will be lost. The NDP/Conservatives/Greens/Bloc will race to do the bidding of the “exceptional”, “indispensable” power, the U.S.

China is a member of the UN Security Council. China sacrificed millions in war against Nazism and Japanese imperialism. It has stood up after more than a century of colonial oppression and become a leading voice and practical leader among developing countries.

Our problem is, frankly, that America and Canada embody the old racist notions of empire and colonialism. They do not want to live under the UN Charter and international law. They do not want to live among other nations as equals. The want to mentor, tutor, dictate. They want to come and human rights watch you. They are drunk on notions of racial, economic superiority. You know, whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

The U.S. started this whole racist campaign against China; from Congress to President they speak like they are the lords of the earth, smearing others without consequence. Attacks on Asian-Americans and Asian-Canadians have been the result of the belligerent rhetoric and conduct of Washington. Our major parties have NATO brains, and pretend there is no link between China baiting and racial assaults on Asians. It is a disgrace.

The parties that voted for parliament’s outrageous slander of China, soon to be a pretext for more dangerous steps in future, have to be rejected.  Neo-colonialism and NATO have to go.

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