Interview about Trump’s revelation that Gen. Soleimani posed no “immanent threat”

Recently, HCSW treasurer Ken Stone was interviewed by RT International on the subject of Trump’s revelation that Iranian Gen. Soleimani posed no “immanent threat.”


The foreign policy of the US empire is not based on facts or international law but rather two false premises:

1) US exceptionalism i.e., that the US does not have to play by the rules of international law and,

2) that it is the only superpower in a unipolar world and can do what it wants, where it wants, when it wants.

Since 2015, however, when Russia directly entered the Syrian war, the unipolar war ended. Today, the US is a dying empire wildly lurching about trying to stay ahead of the rivals closing in on its lead, namely Russia and China. It is a dangerous situation indeed and all the more reason for people to hit the streets on Saturday, January 25 in the Global Day of Protest for NO WAR ON IRAN.


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