[RADIO] Trump’s adventurism sparks new anti-colonial movement

Commentary: Trump’s adventurism sparks new anti-colonial movement

January 13th, 2020


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Phil sets out the background of U.S. adventurism in West Asia, and international resistance. The U.S. has been pushing the envelope in how it confronts armed countries like Russia and Iran, and it’s making the world worse. The planned and deliberate assassination of Gen. Soleimani created the current crisis and anxiety. Recall that it is America that considered Soleimani a problem, not Iraq.

It’s a bad look for Canada to say ‘We didn’t like Soleimani, whom the U.S. just murdered’ and proceed to make demands on Iran. They aren’t going to be very responsive.

Michael McCain, CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, knows who to blame for the air tragedy. You can read his statement on-line. The statements by our elected politicians have been comparatively weak. Yet if Stephen Harper’s closing of the Canadian embassy had been reversed, some personnel could have warned airport travelers of the flight risk. But the diplomats were gone.

There are those who say they want de-escalation, but they repeat war propaganda like “Soleimani was a bad man.” The claims about General Soleimani were false and provocative. Meanwhile, where is the honour? The Iranians admitted their grevious error after three days of investigating the air disaster. They invited the Ukranians to investigate. We never admit our mistakes. Western leaders always blame others for their own crimes.

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