[RADIO] Green leadership candidate calls for independent foreign policy

Dimitri Lascaris, an eco-socialist, campaigns to lead the Green Party

March 16th, 2020

Featured Guest: DIMITRI LASCARIS, Leadership candidate with the Green Party.

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Dimitri Lascaris is running for the leadership of the Green Party. The COVID-19 crisis is impacting the campaign, but Dimitri has begun to address the matter. He has suspended in-person campaigning, and moved to virtual campaigning.

While many are focused on the serious health consequences of the Coronavirus, Lascaris also points out the severe economic implications. He calls for dramatic government action to support ordinary Canadians, such as a guaranteed-basic-income.

Lascaris also discusses his conception of ‘eco-socialism.’ What it means is restoring our role in government to support key industries that strengthen the backbone of the economy. This includes alternative energy. Programs have to put people first. And the Green Party needs to seek better links with organized labour.

Phil and Dimitri also discuss the need for Canadian politicians to move away from toxic U.S. foreign policy. Canada needs to condemn U.S. wars of aggression, and Dimitri declares that he would stand up in Parliament to call out our governments that engage in this practice.

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