VIDEO: Countering Hostility to the W.H.O.

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We have heard from people who are asking for the video link to our panel. A number of people missed out on our special panel discussion about why global public health should be supported.

Below is the link to last Wednesday’s insightful panel discussion on “Countering Hostility to the W.H.O.”


Click HERE to travel to the Youtube video.



Following Trump’s withdrawal of US membership in the World Health Organization, and the rough ride given by Canada’s parliamentary Standing Committee on Health to Canadian Dr. Bruce Aylward of the WHO, many in the anti-war movement have expressed concern about the danger to world peace and security posed by challenges to multilateral organizations such as the WHO and UN, to treaties such as the JCPOA, and to agreements on strategic arms.

Dr. Margaret Harris, official spokesperson of the World Health Organization on the Covid-19 pandemic, who was scheduled just to deliver a brief description of the WHO as an introduction to the panel, kindly stayed right to the end and made several important interventions in the discussion. She said she was pleased to hear the views of Canadians about the WHO and would report them back to Geneva.

The discussion lasted almost two hours and was sponsored officially by The Canada Files.

Here’s the link again:

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