Taylor Report Double-Feature

During the lead-up to the Nov. 24 Panel to Free Meng Wanzhou and the Dec. 1 Day of Action, Toronto’s Taylor Report radio program ran interviews and commentaries on the subject.

Now, you can listen to them, below:

Her Rights Were Violated: Follow the rule-of-law and release Meng Wanzhou

November 23rd, 2020


Featured Guest: JOHN PHILPOT, international lawyer and author.


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Phil Taylor Commentary:


Description (15 minutes):

Phil asks John Philpot about the arrest of Meng Wanzhou. John explains that the extradition process is pretty straightforward, but what happened to Meng is not.

What’s disturbing in the procedure in her arrest is that the CBSA and RCMP conspired to deny her rights and illegally searched her electronic devices (which they turned over to the FBI in the USA), and pressured her to reveal her passwords.

Also disturbing was the fact that the extradition was politically-motivated by US President Trump, who admitted he was using Meng as a “bargaining chip” in his trade deal with China.

Moreover, the US counsel also deliberately withheld evidence, specifically 2 slides of Meng’s PowerPoint presentation to HSBC Bank.

Another issue was that HSBC may have tried to curry favour with the United States in entrapping Meng because the HSBC was in trouble with the United States government over money laundering, for which it paid an enormous fine to the United States, although no HSBC executives went to jail.

Extraterritoriality is a further issue. The crime for which Meng is charged – breaking U.S. sanctions on Iran – is not a crime in Canada.

In a further segment, Phil Taylor also comments on the improper collusion with American authorities.



Commentary on Meng Campaign; Iran Scientist

November 30th, 2020

Taylor Report Commentary


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Description (11 minutes):

Phil introduces the program by mentioning an important event coming up Tuesday, the “Dec. 1 Day of Action to Free Meng Wanzhou.” We need to restore our Trump-damaged relations with China.

You can learn about the event here:

How to be heard on Dec. 1

Phil evaluates Niki Ashton’s statement of support for the recent panel on Nov. 24. She called out Sinophobia – racism against Asian-Canadians. She stressed that Canada should be peaceful: Any country, properly-led, would recoil against “pivoting towards China” and sending warships into the South-China-Sea. Like Niki, we must say “no” to a New Cold War.

At 7:45, Phil comments on the assassination of the Iranian scientist. The U.S. sending of warships into the area is a deliberate escalation and provocation.

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