Let the workers roar and the warplanes be silent

A True Labour Day is May Day: Let the workers roar and the warplanes be silent

A Taylor Report Commentary

Labour Day Toronto 2021, when we are reminded why we need a real labour movement.

War planes, flown by the “real heroes,” scream and roar over the city of unarmed, underpaid, and mostly unorganized workers. They are there in the sky to remind all that they are a tiny portion of mighty NATO and if called upon to do so can bomb and crush any third world country that doesn’t have an air force. Labour Day in September as designated by the government of her royal highness is a celebration of Empire and class rule. A poisoned gift from our masters. It may as well have the command: the fall (yours) has arrived, go back to work! The roar and boom of our warplanes will hasten you along and you will remember who is boss.

Actual labour day is May 1st and observed around the world, to the chagrin of America and its royal-loyal Canada. But, it must be noted, May Day is endorsed by organized labour and celebrated in Quebec. Of course Quebec is a French speaking nation within Canada with a mind of its own; however, Quebec’s May Day marches are not noted by the monopoly media of the rest of Canada or the U.S. for fear that the reddish/rogue behavior might catch the attention of the labouring classes and make them restless. May Day sends a message: we do the work and produce the wealth and are the living breathing foundation of “society” (high and low). May Day says monopolies and plutocrats obstruct development. May Day says society should be run by and for the interests of the people who do the work. With that one common goal we could defeat pandemics, overcome climate disaster, and live in the world as an equal and a good neighbor, not as the neglected and abused second cousin of the U.S. which is sick with notions of being exceptional, number one, and answerable to no one.

Canada will only have a true labour movement (one that actually moves), when it makes its own decision to celebrate May Day with workers around the world and joins them in the cause of ending exploitation, rule by monopolies, and colonial wars (Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc). May Day started in Chicago, America and everyone else will be saved when American workers embrace it again. Let’s do our part by establishing May Day across Canada.

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