[RADIO] Interview with Dimitri Lascaris

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This Monday, Toronto radio host Phil Taylor interviewed Dimitri Lascaris about his time in Russia, and his upcoming tour.

The interview has been posted, and you can now listen to it, below.

[Taylor Report] June 12th, 2023.

Dimitri Lascaris shares insights from his trip to Russia … and calls on Canada to behave like a sovereign country and work for a peaceful end to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Featured Guest: DIMITRI LASCARIS, lawyer and journalist.


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Description (23 Minutes):

The Doomsday Clock is no joke, the current conflict in Ukraine can easily turn into a major war.

Canada’s leaders and all parties are comfortable leaving the matter to Biden; if he calls for more weapons to Ukraine and prevents any political settlement between Russia and Ukraine, that’s fine with Canada’s political elite. They are dreaming that nothing bad can happen, and they are wrong.

Dimitri Lascaris, lawyer, activist, and journalist has taken the step of going to Russia to see for himself and to hear from people from all walks of life how they see the crisis and the possibility of a workable solution. What he heard and saw is encouraging, and should be shared with all Canadians. Perhaps that is why our ‘super-free media’ ignores or condemns his efforts.

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Dimitri Lascaris’ Canada-Wide Tour for Peace


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