[RADIO] Zelensky’s anti-democratic record

[Taylor Report] September 11th, 2023.

Who is using Cluster bombs & Zelensky’s record shows that he is anti-democratic and anti-union

Featured Guest: RICK STERLING, author and anti-war activist. Columnist at Dissident Voice.


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The USA is bragging that new super-lethal cluster bombs are working in Ukraine, while also claiming that Russia, too, is using them. But Russia condemns their use while noting that they reserve the right to respond in kind.

On the political front western media do not mention that Zelensky’s government has banned the major opposition party, and 10 others. And Zelensky has stripped 70-percent of Ukrainian workers of union representation. This has been documented by unions in Europe, but there has been no action or complaint by the CLC or the AFL-CIO.

Anti-war activists must bring these matters to the forefront.

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