Social Media Barrage, Thursday Sept. 2

Before we list the Five Items to share with your friends, here are the social media hashtags developed by the organizers:

#MengWanzhou #freeMeng #FreeMengWanzhou #Cdnpoli #Elxn44 #ItsOurVote #Canada

Using these hashtags on Twitter or other social media in conjunction with the information below will increase their impact.

Five Items


  1. Recording of Press Conference [Aug. 26]

This is a big item. Journalists attended a press conference to mark the 1,000th day of Meng Wanzhou’s imprisonment in Canada. It is making the rounds, and you can play a role in informing people, too.

2. David Rennie’s letter

David Rennie’s great letter to the Hamilton Spectator has become the template for further letters about Meng. You can send something like this to your own local newspaper.

3. Gorilla Radio interview with Ken Stone

Coalition Treasurer Ken Stone gave an interview with Vancouver’s Chris Cook. It is detailed and informative, giving timely background about the case.

4. Meng Op-Ed by Cong Peiwu

A Meng Op-Ed in Hill Times

The above Op-Ed gives a carefully-reasoned perspective from the official Chinese point-of-view.

5. Don’t forget about the webinar scheduled for Sept. 22

This is a tentative date, and information will be posted at the following link:

Event Info

The event is currently known as “Why Meng Wanzhou Should be Released Now!

Tell your friends!

For information about the current media strategy, see the Social Media Action Plan.

Social Media Action Plan [Word Document]


Further information for your friends about recent events can be found in the August newsletter:

Newsletter Update


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