Major U.S. outlets spread ‘fake news’ about North Korea

“Fake News” is regrettably something that is purveyed at the ‘highest’ levels of journalism. Especially with regard to Korea.


Top US journalists spread fake news claiming North Korean official was ‘purged’ – then he shows up on TV

Image of the DPRK

Virtually every major Western corporate media outlet and a who’s who of pundits circulated a blatantly false report that North Korean nuclear negotiators were killed and imprisoned, exposing their non-existent editorial standards on Official Enemies.

By Ben Norton


The corporate media’s editorial standards for reporting on Official Enemies of the US government, especially North Korea, are as low as ever. Blatantly false stories are regularly circulated by leading news outlets without any kind of accountability.

In the latest example of fake news disseminated without any hint of skepticism by America’s top journalists, virtually every major media outlet reported that a senior North Korean official named Kim Yong-chol was supposedly forced into a “labor camp,” as part of a larger deadly “purge.”

Two days later, that same official turned up alive at a public art performance, seated next to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

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