We Need an Anti-War Canada

Originally posted on the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War Facebook Page

January 5, 2020.

Thank-you to the 900 people who have become members of our page. This is a very important moment for the Coalition, as it is for the world.

We have entered a new phase in the ‘War on Terror,’ namely the wholesale rejection of the premises of the ‘War on Terror’ by much of the world.

The U.S. never entered into a campaign against terrorism to begin with. It invaded and punished all of Afghanistan for the crimes of a Saudi-backed terrorist group, and then it used the outrage over 9/11 to destroy and occupy Iraq on the falsest of pretenses.

It used the false “War on Terror” to justify illegal drone strikes on sovereign territory, to imprison countless foreigners without trial, and to build the most invasive, global surveillance system ever seen. Meanwhile, it was all a sham.

For the past 8+ years, the United States and its shameful vassals have sought to dismember and occupy any country capable of asserting independence, and resisting its plans for global domination. Only a few voices within the imperial core dared resist. For too many in North America, the only war to oppose was ‘Bush’s War,’ and not the ongoing U.S. project of hegemony.

That is changing. Defiant Syria stood up to the aggression, together with its Iranian and Russian allies. Against the predictions of hundreds of ‘experts’ and pundits, Syria is on the verge of retaking its country from U.S.-backed terror-contras. It’s why the U.S. engaged in its hideous action this week, murdering Gen. Soleimani who had orchestrated the defeat of ISIS. It’s why Syria’s partners are standing up against the hegemon. China and Russia now offer a different voice at the U.N. Security Council. Latin America is growing fed up with the endless coups and destabilizations organized from Langley, Virginia.

It is time for us citizens of the empire to rise up. Just as so many British people demonstrated a few years ago against U.S. escalation in Syria, causing their Parliament to back out of the action, this weekend American citizens are already gathering at the White House to expose the imperial agenda. Dozens of demonstrations with more than 7-800 people – the anti-war movement is coming back!

Canada must join in too, and actions have already taken place. Hamilton is organizing for the coming week. With the unpopular buffoon Donald Trump cowering from his own decisions, what self-respecting Canadian politician can take orders from Washington? It is time to have politicians who represent our interests, and not those of the empire. Our actions should be directed towards transforming the political landscape. The political leaders lag behind the people immensely! The demonstrations on the streets are just the beginning. We need an anti-war government!

In the coming days, weeks, and months, we will press Canadian political figures to join with the actual international community in calling for respect for international law, and condemnation of the giant U.S. rogue state. Canada is deeply committed to the wrong road at present, and we will speak out against all political leaders who are complicit with the American drive for domination.

Brendan Stone
Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War

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