[RADIO] Canada Out of NATO! NATO Out of the Middle-East!

Prior to the anti-war demonstration on Saturday, Tamara Lorincz appeared on the Taylor Report to explain why Canada should leave NATO, and why the NATO countries should leave West Asia.

Canada Out of NATO! NATO Out of the Middle-East!

January 20th, 2020
Featured Guest: TAMARA LORINCZ, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.

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Tamara Lorincz of Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW Peace) discusses with Phil the destabilizing effect of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in Central and Western Asia. NATO (under a different name) has been the occupying force in Afghanistan for 19 years, and threatening neighbouring Iran.

For some time, NATO has also been the backbone of the US Coalition occupying Iraq and Syria, despite the fact that, for years, the Iraqi people have been demonstrating for all foreign forces to leave.

The Trudeau government of Canada stationed hundreds of troops in a training role around Baghdad, but there are unknown numbers of Canadian ‘JTF2’ Special Forces in the Kurdish north. These commandos are not overseen by the Canadian Parliament, and report to no one outside the military brass.

NATO has been pressuring Canada to do more in Iraq. But, Lorincz says, Canadians should resist this pressure and demand our government respect the wishes of the Iraqi Parliament and bring all our troops home. Our troops aren’t helping the situation, and could be caught up in a war between the US and Iran.

Last year, the Trudeau government celebrated the 70th anniversary of NATO with its “We Are NATO” campaign. Lorincz recounts that she started picketing the NATO Association Office in Toronto at that point, which is directly funded by US arms makers Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics. Lorincz says Canadians have spoken. They don’t want F-35 fighter jets and new warships. Instead, they want social programs, social housing, climate action, and peace.

Lorincz demonstrated on January 25th. Hopefully you heeded her call and joined in the Global Day of Protest Against War on Iran!

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