[RADIO] Support the Winter Olympics in Beijing

The following radio commentary by the Taylor Report is a follow-up to the earlier commentary entitled, “West lies about Peng.”

Support the Winter Olympics in Beijing, ignore U.S. smears and propaganda

November 29th, 2021

Taylor Report Commentary


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The Olympics have been a forum since ancient times promoting peace between rival powers.


Regrettably, in modern times, the Olympics have become a political football used by the imperialist countries to put pressure on countries they wish to subordinate. The most egregious example was the U.S.-led boycott, with its vassals, of the Summer Olympic Games of 1980. Jimmy Carter led the boycott to protest the presence of legal Soviet troops in Afghanistan, who were there at the invitation of the legitimately-elected government of that country. (Later, the US would invade and occupy Afghanistan for 20 years.)

For 2022, the city of Beijing has been chosen to host the Winter Games. Canadian athletes have been training for years to compete, and are looking forward to the Games. However, Canadian politicians, from all parties, have been looking for ways for Canada to join a “diplomatic boycott” and damage the Beijing Games. They want to disrupt and embarrass the PRC. What’s “diplomatic” about a boycott?

One false excuse was the now-debunked slander against China that there was a genocide against Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang Province.


Lately, those in the Anglo countries seeking to cause a problem for China over the Beijing Games have focused on the case of a Chinese tennis player named Peng Shuai. A lot of media coverage has insinuated that Peng was allegedly jailed by the PRC. Steve Simon, who runs the Women’s Tennis Association, pretended that she was a captive, and threatened to withdraw the WTA’s business in China.

In her statement, Peng said the WTA did not seek her approval, and she did not give her approval, for the publication of comments attributed to her. It’s the WTA that should be embarrassed.


The point of all of this intrigue is to whip up tensions between China and the West. Rather than using the Olympics as a means for reducing international tensions and promoting peace, Western governments, mainstream media, and NGO’s like “Human Rights Watch” (which has State Department links), are creating the conditions for a military showdown, which would be catastrophic for the entire planet.

Support the Winter Olympics in Beijing, ignore U.S. smears and propaganda.

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