[RADIO] Atrocity claims fuel war fever

A Taylor Report commentary

Atrocity claims fuel war fever. Who is working for peace?

April 4th, 2022

Taylor Report Commentary


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Atrocity stories make the wars go round. Every war is known for atrocities and alleged atrocities. For non-combatants who want to see the Ukraine-Russia conflict brought to an end our focus should be on dialogue between the parties and a negotiated settlement. Without investigation or evidence accusations turn into political rhetoric, part of the information wars that accompany every conflict.

Our commentary asks what Canada is doing other than echoing whatever Biden says. And we ask why Canadian media do not direct questions to Ottawa. Did Canada/Canadians ever participate in the perhaps fatal decision to expand NATO Eastward? Russian leaders make the case that the U.S.-NATO promised not to expand to the East. American politicians equivocally argue otherwise. Shouldn’t the question be put to Canadian leaders? Was there a promise or not, or, worst of all, was Canada completely out of the loop?

If there is going to be talk of war crimes, then the U.S. must stand aside, since it has a long history of “Shock and Awe” wars in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and famous criminal moments in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

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