[RADIO] The Conflict in Ukraine

Catching you up on Toronto’s Taylor Report, which has brought continued coverage and commentary on Canada’s role in the conflict in Ukraine.

The Conflict in Ukraine

April 18th, 2022

Taylor Report Commentary


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Phil focuses on the difficulties of posing arguments in the intellectual lockdown currently facing those who dare to oppose the US/NATO agenda on Ukraine. For example, Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector, who exposed the lie of Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD), has had his account closed on Twitter. Ritter showed in 2003 that the WMD allegation was merely an excuse for war. Today, Ritter has taken to Youtube to expose the fact that the war in Ukraine was deliberately engineered by the USA and NATO.

What’s new about the Ukraine crisis is that allegations of atrocities on the part of the Russian armed forces are not being investigated by independent parties but rather are being used to call for massive military interventions by NATO (eg, no fly zones) and to insist that nothing less than a crushing defeat for Russia in Ukraine is acceptable to the West. The practical result of this stance is to prevent peace talks from taking place and to fuel the ongoing conflict.

Recruitment of Canadians to fight in the International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine continues in Canada due to high level of war hysteria and Russophobia, even though such recruitment is flagrantly illegal. But it has slowed down considerably in the last few weeks as foreign fighters in Ukrainian army have been captured and killed.

All this and more in this 30 minute commentary.



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