[RADIO] We Need a May Day for Peace

We Need a May Day for Peace


May 2nd, 2022

Taylor Report Commentary


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Part 1: Commentary

Phil focuses on the burning questions regarding the war in Ukraine:

1) unproven claims of atrocities by Russian forces;

leading to the outrageous and uninformed unanimous vote in the Canadian Parliament to condemn Russia of a “genocide” in Ukraine;

2) the widening of the war indicated by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Zelensky in Kiev;

3) Where is the voice of Canadian people in all this? Is Biden our president, Stoltenberg our Prime-Minister? When do Canadians get a say about this war?


Part 2: Commentary “We Need a May Day for Peace”

Why is it that May Day is not a statutory holiday in Canada? Most of the world has enacted this. Phil explains the role of the CIA in this and then talks about the Azovstahl Plant stand-off.


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