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[RADIO] No more interference in Ethiopia

The past month has seen excellent commentaries and interviews from the Taylor Report. These have covered Ethiopia, Rwanda, and the Winter Olympics in China.

As a service, we are providing these segments, beginning with coverage of U.S. interventionism in the Horn of Africa.

No more interference in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa


November 22nd, 2021

Featured Guest: NETFA FREEMAN, organizer with Pan-African Community Action, co-ordinator with Black Alliance for Peace, Co-host and Producer with WPFW Radio and podcast “Voices with Vision.”


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Description (37 minutes):

Phil interviews pan-African and anti-war organizer Netfa Freeman of “Voices with Vision,” concerning US meddling in Ethiopia. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Ethiopians and Eritreans have been demonstrating in scores of countries around the world.

Ethiopia is the only African country without AFRICOM, Nato’s arm in Africa.

The US has been using the TPLF to destabilize the Ethiopian government starting one year ago.

Why does US want to intervene? Ethiopian self-rule undermines U.S. hegemony in the Horn of Africa.

Phil notes that Biden stated recently that China would not become the pre-eminent economy in the world on his watch. This statement was directed at countries such as Ethiopia and Eritrea, which have strong economic relations with China.

Netfa replies that Africans regard the US as mired in a deep crisis of legitimacy itself.

Phil reminds his listeners that there has been a developing unity between African countries and China since 1971, when African countries at the UN won a fight to recognize the PRC as the only and official sovereign representative of the Chinese people. This alliance is growing today, as China is helping African economies develop using a non-imperial model of development.

According to Western media, Ethiopia does not have the sovereign right to seek allies to defend itself from the new kind of hybrid war being waged by the USA against Ethiopia.