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Boris Johnson’s White Helmets are a propaganda device

The real Syria Civil Defense works to save lives,┬áBoris Johnson’s White Helmets are a propaganda device

October 10th, 2016
Featured Guest: Vanessa Beeley, 21st Century Wire.

Interview with Vanessa Beeley:

Description (19 minutes):

Photo: Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson, loyal servant of the US empire

Mainstream media have their marching orders: build a propaganda campaign to vilify the Syrian government, and promote false “heroes” representing the terrorists who have refused all attempts for a peaceful resolution.

Vanessa Beeley has been to Syria and is one of the very few journalists to report on the work of the legal and internationally-recognized Syria Civil Defence. Their very existence gives the lie to the name-stealing civil defence organization, backed by Boris Johnson, using the public relations moniker the “White Helmets.”