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Letter to Hamilton Spectator – they titled it: “Israel more of a problem than Iran” (2014)

Re: West’s idea of peace not same as Iran’s (Letters, Dec. 10, 2013)

There’s been a welcome outbreak of peace lately. The great powers nearly warred over Syria. Thanks to massive anti-war opinion in the West and skilful Russian diplomacy, the flashpoint was removed when Syria joined the international convention and rid itself of chemical weapons. After decades of friction, Iran and the West reached a temporary rapprochement over Iran’s nuclear program.

In this hopeful context, the letter writer complains the Spec is publishing editorials lauding efforts at making peace. Instead, he urges a pre-emptive strike against Iran.

Mentioning our organization, he asks why we don’t condemn Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. The answer is simple: Iran isn’t pursuing nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy Agency monitors Iran’s nuclear production of electricity and medical isotopes but found no evidence of a nuclear weapons program. Even the annual U.S. Intelligence Reports since 2006 have found no such evidence.

Unfortunately, Israel has ratified neither the NNPT nor the chemical weapons convention. Unlike Iran, Israel routinely attacks its neighbours, bombing Syria several times this year alone. It’s the only regional country to oppose the UN-endorsed idea of a nuclear-weapons-free Middle East.

Ken Stone, Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War