[RADIO] Canada should show Olympic spirit

Canada should show Olympic spirit

December 27th, 2021
Taylor Report Commentary
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Phil Taylor observes that, in Canada, there are a lot of people who lack the Olympic spirit and do not support the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Rather than celebrate the Olympic Truce which was passed recently in the United nations’ General Assembly in a consensus move by an overwhelming 193 member states, many Canadians side with Trudeau who mimicked Biden’s petty “diplomatic boycott” of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games of 2022.

Many Canadian athletes, who have been training for years, including some professional NHL hockey players, are eager to go but the NHL brass may yet prevent the hockey players from going.

Phil notes that sports has been a venue in the past for friendly rivalry that exposed the lies of racial superiority, as in the case of Jessie Owens, a black American who won the Decathalon during the Berlin Olympics of 1936, at a time when the Nazis were in power in Germany. Similarly, Joe Lewis, a black US boxer beat both Fascist Italy’s giant heavyweight boxer, Primo Carnara, in 1935 as well as Germany’s heavyweight champion Max Schmelling in 1938.

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