[RADIO] The danger of war in Ukraine


The danger of war in Ukraine

December 27th, 2021

Taylor Report Commentary


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Phil Taylor observes that Canadians should never be complacent about Ukraine and assume that everything will end peacefully.

At least 200 Canadian soldiers are stationed in Ukraine as “trainers.” They act as a trip wire designed to drag Canada into war because of a misstep on either side.

Current Ukraine President Zelensky, who portrayed himself as the peace candidate during the last election, is being egged on to war by the US’ and NATO’s relentless supply of weapons and sabre-rattling against Russia. Zelensky represents the coup government that came to power in Ukraine as a result of a US-sponsored coup in 2014. Since that coup, and despite the Minsk Accords, the government in Kiev has refused to negotiate directly with the people of the Donbass Region of Eastern Ukraine, (peopled mainly by Russian speakers) and instead waged a low-level war against the breakaway People’s Republic of Donetsk which came into existence as a result of the coup.

Taylor also notes that, as a result of the 2014 coup, Crimea broke away from Ukraine and joined the Russian Federation. It’s important to note that Crimean political leaders called for a plebiscite on this issue, which was overwhelmingly supported by the people of the region. It’s useful to compare this popular move with the US/NATO unilateral severance of Kosovo from the Former Yugoslavia under US President GW Bush, without a plebiscite.

Phil’s new year’s resolution: work to remove Canadian troops from Ukraine.


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