Our activity will continue during Coronavirus crisis

A number of organizations had to postpone events this month, including our own.

However, we will continue to operate during the COVID-19 crisis and safety measures.

The crisis is related to imperialism: The corporate media turned a racist eye towards China, and brought us a misleading account of China’s emergency measures.

America didn’t learn from China. Neither did Europe. Now, we face a potentially greater crisis. And our medical and emergency systems, hollowed out by years of cuts and operating well beyond capacity, are not as prepared as they could be.

A society where “nobody owes you a living,” where so many of us are two paychecks away from homelessness, where fear and hoarding take precedence over co-operation, is a society that transmits pandemics. Things don’t have to be this way. Solidarity societies like Cuba have handled it better.

We will continue bringing you radio programs and podcasts about the imperial system that creates crisis. We will hold events, on-line where appropriate. We will bring you new and relevant petitions, articles, and video. Tune into this website and our social media on Facebook.

Brendan Stone


Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War

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