[RADIO] On Meng, Canada is a U.S. Vassal

On China’s Meng Wanzhou, Canada is a U.S. Vassal

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Back in 2017, Trudeau attended a trade summit with China, with high expectations. It coincided with Trump’s new trade war with China, and Trudeau quietly emerged empty-handed. Nobody has asked any questions about what happened there. Starting from a situation of beneficial trade with China, Canada ended up arresting the CFO of Huawei.

The early news reporting on Meng Wanzhou’s arrest in Canada actually brooked some dissenting opinions. Some interviewees asked whether Canada is a vassal of the United States. Their heads have not been seen on TV since. The media has instead adopted the narrative that Canada is being bullied by China. But China did nothing to us, and it was Trump who forced Canada to knock down a pillar of our trade.

Phil then addresses the issue of the “Two Michaels,” one of whom was a “former diplomat” tasked with gathering information for the Canadian government on China. China keeps lists like every other country; the US & UK & Canada have detained plenty of people they deem foreign suspects, when the only problem is actually bad relations with a country. A diplomatic solution is available.

China has been subjected to a campaign of abuse from Western elites. At Davos, George Soros, one of the patrons of the International Crisis Group, said that Xi Jinping was the most dangerous leader in the world. And Canada’s Bob Rae wants in on the action. He’s gearing up for another round of excoriating China at the UN.

Canadians should look at our own appalling treatment of First Nations peoples before criticizing other countries. And someone in Parliament should ask if it’s worth harming our own economic relations in order to score points against China on behalf of President Trump.



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