How to be heard on Dec. 1

There are several ways to make your voice heard Tuesday by the Trudeau Government – to FREE MENG WANZHOU!


Cross-Canada Day of Action Dec. 1 2020

On the second anniversary of her arrest, join our Cross-Canada Campaign to FREE MENG WANZHOU, unjustly incarcerated by the Trudeau government at the request of the Trump Administration.


On Dec. 1, 2020, in accordance with public health measures, we will have small informational pickets across Canada at Liberal MP’s offices, including Trudeau’s, and at various government offices. Cities so far are Hamilton, Toronto (x2), Ottawa, Montreal, Regina, Vancouver (x2). For a location near you, consult our FB events page:

You can see the full list on our website, here:

[Please note: the two Vancouver events have been merged]

Cross-Canada Day of Action

Or you can organize one! Write for some easy instructions.


Take a selfie holding this printed image:



Post it on social media on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

Send it to your MP. Find your MP here:

Send it also to: (Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War)

We will compile them and make a big mosaic for posting and sending.


Take part in the Action Alert:

Your letter, generated in about two minutes online, will be sent to every member of Parliament:

For more info on the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, go to the campaign page:

Campaign to Free Meng Wanzhou


Sponsors of the Cross-Canada Campaign to FREE MENG WANZHOU are:

Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War

The Canadian Peace Congress

The Canadian Foreign Policy Institute

World Beyond War

Just Peace Advocates


Visit our Contact Us section to get on our e-mail list!


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